We have designed an interactive multimedia tool to help you prepare in the best way possibile for your exam! Learn everything you need to be a an efficient and productive computer and internet user.

Certify your e-skills!

Enrich your CV and make your skills count at school and at university. Study hard and pass the EIPASS 7 Modules exam with flying colours.

Innovative method

Our courses is full of videos, images and tutorials which guide you, step-by-step, in learning how to use the most popular tools, how to surf the internet safely and securely and how to use common software.

Independent learning

As well as proprietary software, we introduce you to the increasingly-popular Open Source software. Study wherever you want: you can view the content on your tablet and smartphone!

The online course

Online course modules:

  • Module 1 l ICT Fundamentals
  • Module 2 l Web Browsing
  • Module 3 l Web Collaboration
  • Module 4 l IT Security
  • Module 5 l Word Processing
  • Module 6 l Spreadsheets
  • Module 7 l Presentations

How it works

Every module inludes:

  • a downloadable Ei-Book,
  • a series of in-depth, interesting and interactive video lessons, with examples, animations, images and tutorials,
  •  a self-assesment test that you can repeat as many times as you need,
  • an automatic tutoring system that allows you to monitor your progress and tells you which subjects you need to revise in order to improve your progress.


After having responded correctly to at least 75% of the questions in the self-assesment test at the end of every module you will receive:

  • the course attendance certificate, downloadable immediately on the platform
  • the EIPASS 7 Module User certificate, available 30 days after you have finished the course, downloadable from the platform


International expansion of the first training and certification network for digital skills.

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