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EIPASS for Business provides a pathway especially for those working in the private sector. This involves activities designed for both employed and unemployed adults, with the idea of providing them with or developing their professional skills, connecting them to technological innovation and organisation, taking into account the changes that have occured in the workplace. The staff of a business is its most precious resource in its development. Taking care of the education of staff members has a positive effect in particular on employee engagement and also on the general business.

Reskilling. This pathway aims to give employees the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to be more productive and efficient when using ICT tools. Digital Skills are the interdisciplinary skills present in every job role and affect between 55 and 64% of people.


EIPASS for Public Administration  is a programme of continued training for employees in the public sector.   It comprises a series of training pathways which respond to the real requirements of public sector staff, concentrating of course on the information technology. The European Commission encourages Public Administrations all over Europe to strengthen civil servants’ digital skills so that everyone can take full advantage of the opportunities modern digital public services offer.



Technology, IT and telemedicine are the tools which are allowing us to redesign the healthcare system, improving services for citizens and reducing management costs. Until now, attention has been focused on the development of new technologies, but this has led to the realisation that is essential that people working in the healthcare system know how to use these technologies so that they can be used to their full potential.


International expansion of the first training and certification network for digital skills.

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