Our mission

In the same way that the industrial revolutions shaped past centuries, the introduction of technology into our daily lives has brought about huge changes.

Personal computers, mobile phones and the Internet have pushed all conceivable boundaries, giving way to a new, previously unimaginable way of communication and social interaction, bringing with it a cultural gap which needs to be filled.

It is not good enough to just have ‘connected citizens’, we need educated and informed citizens who are able to use their digital citizenship critically.

We must act and intervene urgently within schools and universities, where the structure of our society is being formed.

Technical innovation is without a doubt a key factor in bringing about change in our social and economic systems, but if this is not supported by a systematic vision, it will undoubtedly go down in history as a wasted opportunity.

A technical innovation can only live up to its potential if the education system, in tandem with the world of work, is able to accept and manage it.

It is on this basis that our mission is founded, because we are fully convinced that innovation needs to be part of culture before it becomes part of the technical revolution.

These days, using technology is not a choice, but an essential skill for everyone.

Domenico Pontrandolfo


International expansion of the first training and certification network for digital skills.

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