Our network

CERTIPASS operates internationally through a network of accredited centres authorised to issue EIPASS certifications and services.

The bodies or organisations that choose to form part of our network become therefore a point of reference for anybody wishing to acquire ICT competence or update what they already have, offering online courses and EIPASS certifications, which can be used at school, university,  and in the workplace.

Who is eligible to form part of the network

  • Training institutions (private and public)
  • Schools of all types and levels
  • Universities
  • Associations
  • Public administration
  • Businesses

An accredited centre is guaranteed training and support at every level, for those who want to take the first steps in becoming computer literate to those who already have advanced skills.

The system is available everywhere and offers immediate opportunity for development.

Becoming an EIPASS accredited centre is synonymous with innovation, quality and internationalisation.

Network statistics


EIPASS services are distributed across a network of Ei-Centres, centres authorised to issue EIPASS certifications, in line with international standards and explicitly outlined by CERTIPASS.


An EIPASS trainer is an expert in the ICT sector and provides classroom-based courses which allow students to acquire the EIPASS certification.


EIPASS examiners guarantee the transparency and adherence to the rules of the procedures, assuring that reports are produced correctly and the DIDASKO online platform is managed properly.


An EIPASS inspector verifies that the Ei-Centre activities are carried out according to procedure, respecting the quality standards outlined in ISO 9001:2016 Quality Management Systems, EA:37.

National and international expansion project

Certipass is looking for partners to promote and diffuse, both at a national and international level, the training and certification services that EIPASS provides. Working in collaboration with the official representatives in every country, we will help you get onto the market, providing training resources and technical know-how for sales and marketing.

Why choose EIPASS?

  • Strong brand identity and concept;
  • Unprecedented move, leaving room for creativity;
  • Distinctive and recognisable brand characteristics;
  • Dedicated management software;
  • High quality training and certification;
  • Operating margin higher than sector average;
  • Streamlined organisation;
  • Replicable and standardised format that allows each seller to maintain its own identity;
  • Continued management and staff training.

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