Our philosophy

CERTIPASS designs, implements, maintains and improves, on a continuous basis, a management system for the quality, requirements and processes and the interactions between them, necessary to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024.

CERTIPASS decides on the processes necessary for the quality management system and its application throughout our organisation, in particular, for the certification of skills. It is organised by:

  • determining the necessary inputs and outputs of the processes;
  • determining the sequence and interaction of these processes;
  • determining and applying the criteria and methods (including monitoring, measuring and the corresponding performance indicators) necessary to ensure efficient performance and to keep these processes under control;
  • determining the necessary staff and assigning them responsibility;
  • assigning leaders for the processes;
  • looking at the risks and opportunities when conforming to the requirements outlined in the law;
  • assessing processes and making the necessary changes to ensure the processes achieve the desired results;
  • improving the processes and the quality management system.

CERTIPASS recognises the importance and value of the principle of impartiality in relation to the certification of digital skills. We are transparent about every aspect of our work, and our policy ensures everybody involved in the process is held accountable for their actions. In the same way, we manage conflicts of interest to guarantee objectivity of all of the preparatory activities the candidate undertakes in order to acquire a certification.

CERTIPASS manages, in the necessary way:

  • the information necessary to make the processes work;
  • the safeguarding of this information, allowing the user to trust the fact that the processes are being conducted safely and securely.

Management looks after the content, the form and functionality of the supply system of the certification programmes to guarantee the continuous improvement of CERTIPASS’s activities.

Periodically, the Steering Group meets to:

  • assure the Candidates and the Ei-Centres that their data is being protected;
  • assure the Candidates and the Ei-Centres that the business is able to provide an adequate service (in terms of the quality of the Certification offered, the quality of resources offered, and the time taken to undertake every phase of the process), and that their requirements and needs are being met;
  • assure the Candidates and the Ei-Centres and any other interested parties that we work respecting existing laws and standards.

A particular effort is made by management in the accreditation phase of the Ei-Centres, to ensure the security of the operators and the Candidates. The objectives are:

  • to outline and define needs;
  • to pitch these needs against a framework of reference;
  • to define processes according to these needs.

Quality certification

With the professional contribution of all of those who work with us, we pay special attention to the content, form and functionality of the EIPASS Programme.

ISO 9001:2015 provides further quality assurance: our work is organised methodically and is continuously updated and improved to ensure our standards and performance, and therefore our service, remain at an optimum level.

CERTIPASS is the first provider of IT certifications to be ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our code of ethics

Officially registered on the European Commission Transparency Register ID 93417862298-36.

Collaboration, legality, safeguarding of people and of the environment, honesty, confidentiality and transparency: these are the principles on which we base our organization and our daily activity.

We make our code of ethics freely available and we share these values with our staff and collaborators, with public institutions and with any other person or company involved in our work.

We ask everyone to respect our code of ethics in order to preserve the image of everyone involved in our activity and to ensure we can all work in harmony together.

For this reason, any violation of the rules outlines will be seen as a breach of trust. Trust, we believe, is fundamental for any type of collaboration, internal or external.

Observing the ethical code is an essential part of contractual obligation.


International expansion of the first training and certification network for digital skills.

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