What we do

We work to give everyone the possibility to grow and mature, on a personal and professional level, in line with the European Institution’s Key Competences (Keycomit) programme. The Key Competences are those which everybody needs for their personal fulfilment and development, active citizenship, social inclusion and employability.

Amongst these, digital competence involves knowing how to use Information Society Technologies properly and critically for work, free time and communication. All the important skills tested in the certification of IT competences are managed in impartial ways through telematic tools, guaranteeing total objectivity.

The EIPASS certification is the tool that makes these digital skills immediately usable in different contexts:

  • At school
  • At university
  • In the world of work (including for application processes, placements and during further training)

Why is it important to certify our skills?

  • Provides an important addition to your CV
  • Confirms vocational skills gained at school and university
  • Useful in accessing the world of work

CEN ICT Users Group Member

CERTIPASS is one of the certified ICT bodies that participates in the ongoing workshops at the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) for the drafting and updating of the Committee’s standards for IT skills for European citizens.

We take part in these activities in two ways:

  • We respond to online questionnaires sent out by the CEN to understand the needs, ideas and suggestions regarding the structure and content of the standards;
  • We attend meetings in which content is discussed and finalised before it is sent to the EU for validation and publication.

The first standard was designed to describe the skills of a generic ICT user. On this basis, the work is being developed to define in an increasingly composite way, the ICT skills that specific categories of professionals must possess; particularly those involved with technology and who use it in their everyday work.

The CEN works continuously to expand this list of professions that have been ‘standardised’, to get them involved in training process and ensure they are internationally recognised. Here you can view the already available standards and the drafts for the upcoming version.

Generic profile

Professional profile


International expansion of the first training and certification network for digital skills.

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